As result of the certification the issuer will receive a standardized quality-seal for each positive rated portfolio. Further he will be issued a written, four-sided certificate, which includes the following results of the certification:
a) risks and chances of the portfolio,
b) the variance of returns based on the average expected return,
c) the Value-at-Risk,
d) the robustness against miscellaneous external risks (stress-test),
e) a risk-rating and overall assessment.

If you are interested in starting a certification process we will be glad to provide you with a document, which describes the technical backgrounds of our certification process.

Certified Portfolio

This area provides a frequently updated downloadable document containing a list of all portfolios of banks, which are momentarily analyzed in terms of the certification process of the Institute. This list is designed to help private investors to find high-quality structured portfolios in the area of standardized asset management.

This document does not give any tax advisory or recommendations concerning investments. Further it is not to be understood as an offer for buying or selling any securities nor for concluding a contract with an asset manager or bank. Before reviewing the listed portfolios please take note of all provided technical and legal information on the certification process.