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Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens

Professor of Financial Economics and Director of the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich

Marc Tüngler

Lawyer and Manager-in-Chief of "Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz e.V. (DSW)", Germany’s oldest and largest association for private investors

Dr. André Horovitz
Founder and President of financial risk fitness GmbH, before he held the positions of Chief Risk Officer and was a member of the top management committees of four international major banks

Dr. Werner Gleißner

Degree in Business Administration and Engineering, CEO of FutureValue Group AG

Dr. Urs Blattmann
Partner at Blattmann & Partner;
CEO of Swiss Benchmarking

Dr. Christian Waigel
Lawyer and Partner of the law firm Gassner, Stockmann + Kollegen

Dr. Lothar Jonitz
CEO of tetralog systems AG

Dr. Andreas Ritter

Dr. Dirk Rathjen

Markus Münzenmaier
(Chairman of the supervisory board)

Christian Apelt
Management consultant

Dr. Robert Strauch
tax consultant

Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz e.V.
Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz e.V. (DSW) is Germany’s oldest and largest association for private investors. The head office is seated in Düsseldorf. Additionally, DSW has 8 regional offices which are run by honorary representatives. Founded in 1947, DSW now has about 25,000 members. Furthermore, DSW is the head office of 7,000 investment clubs in Germany (thereof more than 700 clubs paying members of DSW) with approximately Euro 500 million invested capital. DSW represents its members at approximately 650 annual general meetings per year. DSW is member of Expert Corporate Governance Service (ECGS) which provides global corporate governance research and proxy voting advice. ECGS is an alliance of leading corporate governance research and advisory groups in Europe offering institutions access to unrivalled experience on governance and responsibility issues. DSW is founding member of EuroFinuse in Brussels, the European Federation of Financial Services Users, an independent financial expertise center to the direct benefit of financial services users, including individual and small shareholders, fund and retail investors, savers, pension fund participants, life insurance policy holders, borrowers, and other stakeholders who are independent from the financial industry.

Internet: www.dsw-info.de / www.hauptversammlung.de / www.schutzvereinigung.com / www.schutzvereinigung.info / www.nebenwerte.de / www.investmentclub.de / www.quellensteuer.info

As a credit facilitator and credit accelerator SCHUFA considers it an obligation to contribute to the investigation into the cause of private over-indebtedness. SCHUFA’s Credit Compass has been carrying out analyses into private debt and overindebtedness in Germany since 2003. Analysis of the anonymous SCHUFA data sets is intended to help make public discussion more objective as well as to identify preventive measures. The SCHUFA Credit Compass research information has developed into an important body of work and a useful guide for researchers, politicians, lending institutions and debt counsellors. This barometer measures the economic climate with respect to critical indicators of private indebtedness in the various regions in Germany and, along with the SCHUFA symposiums, has contributed to greater objectivity. More information: www.schufa-kredit-kompass.de